After Patch 13.10, One ADC Has Emerged As A Go-To Bot Lane Companion In League Of Legends

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After Patch 13.10, One ADC Has Emerged As A Go-To Bot Lane Companion In League Of Legends

League of Legends recently released a much-talked-about patch, 13.10, that made so many changes to the Rift that it's starting to affect the meta, particularly in the bot lane. The effects of the patch can also be seen on Jhin has become the "it" option for any bot lane pair since the new and improved items were released to League.

As per the latest statistics from U.GG, Patch 13.10 has revealed a winning combination in the bot lane: Jhin paired with Zyra. It is showing a duo win rate of 56.09% across all tiers. This duo is a solid choice for those aiming to climb the ranks and achieve higher rankings in League play.

However, if Zyra isn't your preferred support, fret not! Jhin synergizes well with a variety of other champions, such as Sona, Xerath, Brand, Swain, and Janna. These bot lane partners have a combined duo victory rate exceeding 54 percent, giving you a wide range of options to tailor your support choice according to your team's needs.

It's worth mentioning that Kog'Maw and Lucian also make excellent bot lane partners in the current update, making them ideal alternatives if Jhin isn't your cup of tea.

Despite the rise in the win percentage of Jhin's bot lane duo following Patch 13.10, he currently ranks sixth among all ADCs. While Jhin maintains a solo-ranked victory rate of 52.72 percent, he faces tough competition from champions like Karthus, Nilah, Kog'Maw, and Veigar.

For those who lock in Jhin, the gameplay experience feels different, thanks to the updated core build consisting of Rapid Fire Cannon, Stormrazor, Galeforce, The Collector, and Boots of Swiftness.

When it comes to runes, you should consider opting for Coup de Grace, Presence of Mind, Fleet Footwork, and Legend: Bloodline from the Precision Tree. Select Celerity, Gathering Storm, Offense, Flex, and Defense from the Sorcery Tree.

It's worth noting that the bot lane may become competitive if someone else locks in Jhin during the draft phase. Some players have expressed concerns about potential nerfs due to Jhin's swiftness, high damage output, and impressive critical strike potential with the recommended equipment and runes. Nevertheless, it's refreshing to see the meta-shifting to allow other champions to shine, providing new opportunities for diverse gameplay experiences.

So, if you're ready for an exciting adventure, Jhin is the ADC to consider in your League matches.

A Surprise New Zoe Bug That Even Riot Didn't Think Of

The recent 13.10 patch of the popular game LoL, or League of Legends, brought about some unexpected issues, particularly with Zoe and the item Prowler's Claw. Zoe, known for her unique ability to steal active items and spells from a summoner stealthily, can acquire Prowler's Claw, despite its active component being absent.

This has led to some strange situations for Zoe players. Vandiril showcased that Zoe can still have Prowler's Claw, albeit with some unconventional behavior. The item description on Zoe's W displays peculiar text with scattered code.

Interestingly, after the patch, Zoe cannot use the Prowler's Claw on the enemy champions. Instead, she is now using it on ally, neutral, and hostile minions. This reversal of functionality is quite unusual.

Thankfully, the item's active ability no longer deals damage, ensuring that Zoe players cannot harm their teammates. However, it raises the question of how such a flaw went unnoticed by Riot.

The bug recently seen in Zoe of the League of Legends remains unresolved, but the item pool for Zoe's W is expected to be updated soon.


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