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  1. (This happens because of: Floating-Point Arithmetic Calculations) Commands: m_pitch m_yaw These two commands are about sensitivity pitch factor "m_yaw" horizontal sensitivity factor "m_pitch"vertical sensitivity factor You cant change"m_pitch" its protected Actual values: m_yaw is "m_yaw" is "0.022" m_pitch "m_pitch" is "0.022000" Source Engine is written in CC++ Language, Depending on compiler and the settings made at compile time (fast float compiling) will determine how precise values are. If written 0.0220000 then it may be 0.0220096 or something for example. If written 0.022 then it can only be 0.022. Adding decimals to the value makes the axys unaccurate, generating inaccuracy in sensitivity, it means your mouse vertical sensibility is faster than horizontal;contrary also; In this current formula , the sensitivity in CS: GO is not being calculated correctly and accurately as in previous versions of Counter-Strike that had both exact values ​​; CS 1.6 m_yaw " 0.022 " m_pitch " 0.022 " CS : Source m_yaw " 0.022 " m_pitch " 0.022 " CS: GO m_yaw " 0.022 " m_pitch " 0.022000 " Please Share
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