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  1. azamkhan

    Cisco Wireless Lan Specialist

    Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist Salary: As per, the salary of a Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist is $86K in the United States. According to, the average salary of Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist ranges from approximately $53,994 per year for Network Specialist to $102,171 per year for Senior Network Engineer. is the place Professionals in the network and telecom fields seeking rewarding careers in the on-demand freelance marketplace should investigate This portal enables professionals to highlight and advertise their skills. They can find the right employment opportunities through this one-stop platform. remains the first place to go for excellent service and fantastic job opportunities. Worldwide, over 40,000 freelance field engineers from 170 countries use this platform to explore possibilities and find positions that they feel they are a good fit.